Talking About Facebook

If you use Facebook in your local authority you need to pay attention. Things are changing all the time and often without warning. The latest development is a real game changer if you see social media as a means of starting a conversation with customers that leads to genuine engagement and meaningful consultation. If you haven’t already seen it, take a look at the left hand side of any of your Facebook pages. Just below the number of likes that you’re so proud of is a new stat. It’s called ‘People are talking about this’.

Likes are akin to hits on your web page, nice to see but if they don’t result in an action, they’re meaningless. Social media channels are intended for two-way conversation and talking about is the clearest indication that it’s working or more worryingly, that it isn’t. Like many authorities, we’ve prepared our social media strategies and policies but we’re moving on from that. We’re now working on digital engagement and digital marketing strategies. Every service should have one, seriously. Because if anyone finding your Facebook page sees 200 likes  of your page but only 3 people talking about it, the conversation is clearly happening somewhere else. There’s lots of good advice around to help get the conversation going and I’ll be posting a link to our approach soon. But I just thought I’d give you the heads up.



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