Ignorance is Bliss

Don’t believe everything you read in the papers is as valid a warning as ‘look both ways before you cross the street’. And yet many people seem to be receptive to the output of papers that shamelessly celebrate lowering journalistic standards. Some papers don’t even feel the need to provide ‘news’, they simply make stuff up. Even MP’s seem content to parade their failing grasp on reality. If they really want to see an unfolding ‘miracle’ here’s a wonderfully concise timeline of one that occurred the day Fabrice Muamba faced his greatest challenge and not a hint of the supernatural to be seen. But they’d have to read The Guardian to see it. And there’s the thing right there. People gravitate towards a message that comforts them most and that’s why media moguls and opinionated editors have a ready-made market for their nonsense. I’m not so sure it’s a case of the papers corrupting people’s minds as I used to believe. I reckon that a lot of people are happy to remain in blissful ignorance and that’s not so easy these days what with the pesky Internet and social media. What they need is the reaffirmation of their own world view. Elements of the media have stepped in to fill the vacuum in this increasingly secular and less deferential society by perpetuating myths. Myths about climate change conspiracies and evolution being just a ‘theory’. Myths about invasions of foreigners and constant threats of war. It’s almost like they want to maintain a state of  high anxiety. Why would anyone want to live like that? I flatly refuse to. Anyway, in the spirit of telling tales, here’s a little fable on the subject of maintaining a blinkered world view… Enjoy


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