Be Prepared

I’m indebted to @johnpopham for finding an interesting blog by Eric Jackson on the Darwinian process behind the rise and fall of tech companies.  Will Facebook survive and should we care? When you consider the amount of time some of us have invested in creating Facebook pages for our services, should we be concerned? It’s a topic I touched on a while back on this very blog.

It took a while before we got the Internet but the journey from basic web to social to mobile has been a white-knuckle ride. Jackson makes the point that in the world of tech development, the now generation is only now for a moment. They’re already being nudged aside by the next generation and the now generation didn’t see it coming.

So where does that leave us? Second guessing the next evolutionary stage of social tech is a job best left to the experts (good luck with that). Organisations need to focus on first principles if they are to keep pace. These principles should be based on what’s best for the B2C experience. Go where the conversation is, be open to comments, complaints and suggestions, be engaged and stay focussed on the social business approach. That way, whatever comes out of Palo Alto next, we’ll be fit for purpose.


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