Facebook Futures

As yet another early investor in Facebook cashes in a whole bunch of shares and the market value continues to fall, it’s understandable that the future of the platform is a regular topic of discussion in the twittersphere. It’s a topic I touched on  a while back when user numbers appeared to be dropping. Back then, it was all about how to bring people back to the chat after a bad first impression. Well, it seems to me there’s two things going on today.

A social platform was created and a world of people got on board. Then the guys who built it decided to go to the market and cash in. It didn’t go exactly according to plan but early investors have still been able to make a mint and Wall Street observers have had lots to write about.

The question is “what happens next?”. Does Facebook fall on its..er, face? I doubt it but then I’m no business analyst. What no one can ignore is the fact that a massive customer base of people who wouldn’t call themselves digitally adept, fell in love with a user-friendly platform that allowed them to connect as they never had done before and set their own agenda for a million plus discussion groups. And that businesses, including major corporations were brought into that realm and learned a whole new bunch of stuff about how connecting with your customers makes you a better business. And local authorities embraced the notion too and it helped redesign better services as a consequence.

So before anyone starts to nail the lid on the coffin, they better have a really good alternative because that’s a very big hole to fill.


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