For the fun of it

So, as the social media culture spreads like a friendly virus across the known world spreading joy, enlightenment and pictures of cute kittens in its wake; how’s it going in your organisation? ¬†We may have won the argument on whether it’s all just a flash in the pan but how long will it take before it’s ingrained in the culture of your business? The truth is that no amount of stat-loaded PowerPoint slides, team talks and cajoling will make a jot of difference if colleagues can’t see the benefits for themselves. I’ve changed tack recently. I’ve started encouraging colleagues to get on to Twitter. Not for the sake of the organisation but for their own personal, professional development. Whatever their bag is, there’s a strong likelihood that a community of interest has gathered around a hashtag on that topic. Photography, music, cats; they’re all out there and connecting with like-minded souls is at the heart of the success of social media. It’s also the way you’ll convert doubters to advocates within your team. For any business to thrive in future, it will need everyone to not just ‘get’ social media but to use them on a daily basis.

One final point, in a fluid job market, we already have people in our organisations who don’t get social media, why would we employ any more?